Crown Chakra Cord Cleanse Spirit Surgery

April 13th, 2024 12 noon EST / 9 AM PST / 5 PM UK TIME
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Greetings Sovereign Empath,

If you're in your head instead of your heart way too much,

Then you may get easily corded to others because you’re such an open, caring & compassionate empath!

That’s why I created this unique course to support you & unravel negative looping mind programs

My New Crown Chakra Cord Cleanse Will Help You:

  • Discover the root of mental overwhelm
  • Unlock & release crown chakra blocks
  • Unravel distorted black & white thinking
  • Think more clearly, creatively & consciously
  • Activate your divine mind & think outside the box

So you can self-diagnose, unwind negative attachments & recover from past life wounds, multi-generational cording, or childhood trauma.

I Invite You To Illuminate your Busy Brain With:

  • Reiki Chakra doctors,
  • Celestial Neuro Surgeons,
  • Soul Retrieval Star Shamans

Your Spirit Team clears your aura, field, chakras and energy networks to Melt Crown Chakra Cords with Toxic Energy Drainers you live or work with

So I hope you’ll join me & receive a violet flame attunement to wash & cleanse your survival brain of negative past influences, energies & memories,

And entity attachments that disconnect you from your higher self & soul purpose

This Crown Chakra Cord Cleanse Helps You To:

  • Sleep Better
  • Improve Your Memory
  • Channel Your Higher Power
  • Awaken Your Higher Brain
  • Replace Anxiety With Clarity
  • Improve Mental Focus & Concentration
  • Relieve Pain, Worry & Negative Mindsets

So if you’re ALL IN & are ready to become 100% sovereign & free,

Then click here to receive a Crown Chakra Cord Cleansing Session & receive a FREE Cosmic Crown Chakra Cleansing MP3 with your class enrollment. 

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