January 6th & 13th

12PM EST / 9AM PST / 5PM London Time

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  • Greetings Energy Sensitive Empath,

    I’m excited to attune you to your doctor spirit team & teach you how to channel higher solutions, miraculous intervention & accelerated recovery from mind & body stress, shock, accidents, injuries, surgeries & lifetimes of trauma you carry & store in your chakras, cells, muscles & organs.

    Join me to learn & practice guided visualizations & mindfulness meditations to notice negative self-talk & scan your body for buried stress,  childhood trauma & family dysfunction so you can trust your bodies natural healing response, receive divinely guided healing treatments & adjust to the energetic shifts as our physical carbon density as we move into a crystalline light frequency so you don’t have to get sick, incapacitated & shut down your vital organs but can remain strong, resilient & healthy in mind/body/spirit.

    This 2 part course will attune you to a compassionate care team of soul assigned earth & star light doctors who help you shift out of fight/flight/freeze response where you see & sense every visit with your doctor as a threat & teach your mind & body how to relax, rest, digest every life experience to naturally release dopamine and serotonin to ease your stress & feel calm & safe in every moment connected to your higher self, I AM Presence & the Universe.

  • Learn the difference between Learn the difference between 3D traditional earth doctors & the 5D spirit doctors who over-light you & your earth care team & come experience what it feels like to:

    • See, hear, sense & channel multi-dimensional  messages from your divine doctoring team
    • Nurse you nervous system back to health with energy, frequency & vibration
    • Clear the root & core of your pain to calm, regulate & re-set your nervous system
    • Identify the cause of a mental, emotional or physical illness

    This mini master program offers the hope that every problem is  treatable & all illnesses stem from energetic imbalances & trusting the consciousness of your own body is everything because you’re worthy of working with a team of cosmic physicians, Arcturian surgeons & inter-galactic shamans from healing hospitals & rehabilitation centers in higher dimensions who want to help you & are always available to dispense healing solutions that are simply not available yet on this planet.

     When you say YES, you can:

    • Recover faster from injuries, accidents & surgeries
    • Heal from the inside out with Reiki life force energy
    • Receive 24/7 care to sleep better round the clock

    Your divine doctors spirit team is always available to listen to you, watch over you, hold you & have more than enough time to help you feel better, younger, freer & pain-free.

    In our 2 Zoom classes, you’ll be able to trust your body guidance, talk to your body parts & get still enough to better listen to your soul voice, intuition & greater insights with the help of your own spirit doctor team for daily check-ups/check-ins, home visits & urgent care whenever you need emergency healing. 

  • Experience the joy, relief & comfort of having your own team you can call upon that are never too busy for you that carry a tool box filled with wisdom, compassion & galactic light healing prescriptions that raise your vibration, lift your spirit & empower you with hope, strength & inspiration so you can thrive & experience a better & brighter future!

    This course includes the class transcripts to practice at home self-care healing processes, clearings to release body shame & judgment about your present condition & divine healing energy treatments to restore your bodies healing abilities & embody radiant health naturally.

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