Are you stressed out, anxious or worried about an upcoming medical procedure or scheduled surgery where you may be hospitalized or will need assistance before, during or after treatment?

I can help!

Medical Reiki is recognized as Integrative Energy Medicine by Dr Mehmet Oz & Dr Sheldon Feldman from the Department of Surgery at Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College Of Medicine & Monefiore Einsten Center for cancer care.

"Reiki in the OR elevates the whole experience, and I like that. When a Reiki Master is present, the entire operating team is refocused on our mission of caring for and healing our patient. It helps everyone to remember why they chose a career in healthcare.

We started out wanting to be healers, when Reiki is there, we get to remember that."  - Dr Sheldon M Feldman.

Clinical studies suggest that patients who receive Reiki before, during & after a medical procedure recover more quickly. Bleeding is minimized and the need for pain medication is greatly reduced or eliminated. Side effects from chemotherapy are also diminished.

Reiki works on the parasympathetic nervous system to alleviate stress, normalize blood pressure & stress related symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, addictions, PTSD, grief & loss.

I am certified & allowed to assist in pre-op procedures, during surgery, post op recovery rooms, ER facilities, hospices, labor & delivery, chemotherapy sessions & many more medical settings to assist you, your doctors & caregivers by giving you immediate relief of your mental, emotional & physical pain.

While having your procedure, I will administer Reiki Energy Healing to comfort, aid & support your body to return to its natural state of balance, harmony & well-being.

This Session Helps You To:

• Alleviates stress, fear & anxiety before & after scheduled surgeries
• Normalizes blood pressure & heart rate
• Reduces pain, anxiety, tension & depression

• Diminishes side effects of chemotherapyy or prescription drugs

• Accelerated healing recovery from accidents, injuries & surgeries
• Less side effects  from radiation therapies & medications
• Strengthens the immune system & balances the nervous system

• Gently dissolves energy blocks, toxins & heavy metals

• Quiets the mind & relaxes the body for enhanced mental/emotional well-being

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