Sacred Healing Retreats


Are you ready to spiritually travel in your merkabas light ascension vehicle?

Are you willing to move out old energy & release stuck energies in your physical body temple?

Are you willing to take a well deserved healing retreat & sacred journey to places & spaces you've always longed to visit?

Well, now you can! Whether it's sacred pyramids, holy temples, mystical rain forests or wild safari adventures, everything is possible.

 To ease your mind, rest your body & soothe your soul, I'm excited to invite you to my Spiritual Travel TV Launch on Belive TV.

Every week, I will invite my friends, colleagues & spiritual retreat  leaders to invite you to upcoming retreats I am either attending, recommending or facilitating so we can meet in person, hang out, heal in nature or just take a break & get away as we approach the spring & summer months.

I LOVE to travel & it brings me the greatest JOY when I do, so I created this golden opportunity for you & for me to soak up some sun & kick back together!

It's so important to work but also to play & strike that balance of doing & BEING so just know that when you subscribe here,  you'll receive a special VIP invitation to attend my free Be Live TV travel show, interact, ask me questions & treat yourself to some well deserved  R & R time to  meditate, move your body, hike in nature & even swim in crystal lit  waterfalls with dolphins & sea animals if that feels super light!

If you love adventure, need a break  & are ready to visit new & exciting sacred destinations, spiritual retreats & power spots beyond anything you've ever dreamed possible, let's do this!!!

To make your travel dreams come true, send me a message & be sure to include your getaway fantasy request on your bucket list so I can fulfill your wildest dreams not next year or the year after but right now!

I can't wait to see you in the mountains, by the sea & on sacred ground!

Happy Travels!

Vandana Atara Aura