Accelerated Dream Body Transformation Integration

This 6 Week course explores the nature of body shame and the way womb, birth & childhood trauma drives your everyday experience – often sabotaging your best intentions to live in a healthy & happy body. 


In this practical, magical & transformational healing program, I will help you identify, clear & resolve held energy & suppressed stress you have absorbed & stored as extra weight, excess energy, & body pain that slows you down, keeps you stuck & enslaves you in a body that doesn't serve you.


I'm excited to guide you, empower you & inspire you on a brand new 6 week transformational journey with simple & effective tools, processes, exercises & techniques to finally thrive in your dream body easily & effortlessly as if by magic!

I transformed my body & I know you can too!

Each week I'll show you how to practice self-inquiry to help you identify where you learned  false body beliefs & how your inherited genetics have shaped & informed your body image & self esteem.


I am here to free your inner child, give her a voice & speak her truth while feeling safe, seen & supported in your bodies physicality, creativity & sensuality.


Over the course of this 6 week accelerated light shape shifting journey, I'll give you have full access to body alchemy processes, accelerated light clearing codes & ritual practices to raise your self-esteem, heal your body image & re-set your body to heal, re-pattern & re-birth itself as your own spirit guide, parental guardian & caretaker.

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The way you think & feel about your body didn't start with you!

99.999% of your bodies beliefs are learned, mirrored & inherited & as a multi-dimensional & magical being,  it is your divine birthright & spiritual inheritance to be:

- Free Of  Inter-Generational Pain, Fear & Body Shame
- Unburdened From Heaviness, Density & Disempowerment
- Empowered & Inspired To Help, Heal & Improve Your Health & Well-Being
- Whole, Holy & Complete Just As You Already Are

- Safe, Sacred & Supported In The Home Of Your Own Body Temple
- Healthy, Whole & Happy As Your Own Bodies Spirit Guide & Caretaker

In Fact, The Field Of Epigenetics Shows Us That Your Divine DNA Contains Your Bloodlines:

- Creativity & Spirituality
- Special Gifts & Magical Abilities
- Strengths & Resiliency
- Resourcefulness & Adaptability
- Survival Skill Set
- Flexibility & Fluidity
- Empathy, Creativity & Sensitivity

This Is Your Sacred Opportunity To Occupy Your Dream Body So You Can:

- Clear Fear, Stress & Body Shame From Your Cells, Bones & Bloodlines
- Use Your Psychic Gifts & 5D Telepathy To See, Feel & Trust Your Body Wisdom

- Become A Conscious & Clear Channel For Divine Intervention & Protection
- Re-Mother & Re-Father Your Childhood Body Wounds
- Release & Make Peace With The Skin That You're In
- Re-establish safe & healthy body boundaries for yourself & with others

Each Dream Body Transformation Class Includes:

- An Accelerated Light Attunement To Connect With Your Healed & Healthy Ancestors
- Ancestral Prayers & Affirmations To Re-pattern Inter-Generational Body Trauma
- Alchemical Tools & Energy Processes To Transmute Family Karma & Toxic Shame
- Guidelines To Create A Sacred Altar To Honor Your Well & Wise Ancestors
- How To See, Feel, Hear & Recognize The Energy & Frequency Of Your  Kind Ancestors

Course outline


MODULE #1: Identifying Learned & Inherited False Body Beliefs

In module # 1, you will explore & unpack held body trauma that was passed on to you in the womb & during the early development years between the ages of birth for the first 8 years of childhood. You will learn how to feel safe to rest & digest un-digested body stress, shock or trauma held in your cells, muscle memory & emotional burden centers.


MODULE #2: Clearing Your Chakras From Density, Debris & Dis-empowerment Vows

In module # 2, you will learn how to cleanse & clear your energy centers of  body karma, miasmic patterns and false beliefs that won't allow you to heal, nurture & care for your body. As each chakra is cleansed of pollutants, poisons & parasites, you can embody new earth energy, vibrancy & vitality with ease & grace.


MODULE #3: Re-Parenting & Recovering Your Inner Child Body

In module # 3, we will explore power loss timelines to retrieve your soul bodies & restore your confidence, courage & clarity to re-mother & re-father your inner child body. You will be attuned to your divine healing intervention team, doctors of high magic & angels of alchemy to re-birth & re-design your divine dream body.


MODULE #4: Releasing, Healing & Resolving Toxic Body Shame

In module #4, you will learn the art of ascension alchemy to resolve core fear, toxic shame & buried trauma. You will experience somatic healing to trust your feelings & own your personal power. You will experience 5D energy medicine from 3 divine physicians, spirit surgeons & galactic medical masters from the heart of Shambhalla to heal your mind, body, spirit & soul.


MODULE #5 - Re-Birthing & Re-Designing Your Divine Dream Body

In module #5, you will envision, dream & design the way you would like your light body to look & feel. Receive your own medi-pod in the higher realms where all possibilities & potentialities are possible. In this dream body attunement activation, you will receive soul remedies, recipees & supplements to continuously heal, hold 100% pure light & thrive in your new light earth body.


MODULE #6 - Expanding Into Self-Trust, Self-Acceptance & Self-Forgiveness

In module # 6, you will integrate & assimilate how to feel safe, supported & seen in your true skin you were born to live in. You will have full access to the practical & magical body codes, miracle medicine & divine intervention to share your gifts, be of service & occupy the heart of your divine dream body.


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This group will include support & guidance for workshop participants who are ready to transform their bodies from the inside out. 

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About Vandana

Divine Light Blessings!

Vandana Atara Aura was gifted her name by her spiritual teacher Mata Amritanandamayi affectionately known as Amma the Hugging Saint from India. The sanskrit word Amma means Mother. Vandana was gifted her sacred name by her divine mother to embody the qualities of motherly love, benevolence, kindness & compassion. 

She is the Creator & Guiding Light of Vandana Light Healing & is a divine channel, soul guide, angelic shaman, energy healer, mentor & ascension teacher whose soul role is to inspire and empower all sentient beings. 

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