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Quan Yin, The Lavender Flame & Great Temple Of Compassion

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Experience Quan Yin's loving lavender flame of clarity, gentility & loving kindness on this sacred visitation into the heart of the great temple of mercy & compassion.

Quan Yin is the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion and one of the most beloved deities in the Buddhist tradition. 

She is also known as Kuan Yin, Quan’Am and Quan Yin. Kwan Yin is very similar to mother Mary, bestowing her wisdom, motherly love and healing to all sentient beings.

Experience what it looks & feels like to meet & merge with the heart of Quan Yin - the essence of pure compassion, benevolence & grace!

Karmic Clearing & Ascension Healing With The Galactic Archangels

Get the Replay!

To ease your accelerated ascension upgrades, please join me to receive important updates, trinity wave source codes & sophia christed frequencies to shift, uplift & support your healing & awakening process.

The Galactic Guardian Archangels are here to over-see & over-light you so you can thrive on your highest timeline, be of service & love your life!

Experience the love, comfort & mercy of christed healers, galactic doctors & star shamans to awaken & expand you from the inside out.

This is your divine appointment & golden opportunity to unplug from 3D unconsciousness & plug into the higher frequencies of 5D consciousness.

Healing Your Christed Child Of Womb Trauma & Family Karma

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Receive Emotional Healing & Karmic Clearing With The Mother Flame, Divine Doulas & The Goddess Of Sweet Waters!

Re-Birth Your Cosmic Creatrix To Re-Parent Your Inner Child & Be Born Again With Ease & Grace!

This Holy Healing Water Ceremony Safely & Gently Cleanses, Clears & Purifies Emotional Toxins & Womb Trauma To Release Empath Wounds You've Absorbed Before Birth & During The Birth Process.

You will be taken to the retreat of Divine Mother to Sanctify & Purify Your Womb Chakra.

You Will Be Gently Guided To Receive Re-Birthing Codes From The Mother Tongue Of The Sisterhoods Of Light, Divine Mother & Lady Venus To Heal & Harmonize Your Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine True Nature In The Stars.