Accelerated Light Galactic Healing Practitioner Certification Program


Join Me To Experience Divine Doctoring, Spirit Surgery & Soul Recovery In Your Magical Multi-Dimensional Healing Pod Of Rest, Respite & Recovery.

Learn How To Rise Above Dense Realities, Release Core Fear & Re-Set Your Energy, Vitality & Divine Destiny To Re-Birth The New Earth As Your True Identity.

In This Sacred Gathering, We Will Explore How Your Divine Healing Intervention Team In The Great White Lodge Of Shambhalla, Star Sirius & Planet Arcturus Can Help You Become:

- Untouched By Inter-Generational Pain, Family Fear & Shadow Shame

- Unburdened From Old Earth Heaviness, Density & Disempowerment

- Empowered & Inspired To Help, Heal & Improve Your Health & Well-Being

- Happy, Holy & Healthy As The Bright Star You Inherently Are

- Free Of Toxic Energy, False Identities & Inherited Insecurities

- Your Own Bodies Spirit Guide, Guardian & Caretaker

Learn How You Can Share Your Empathic Gifts, Be Of Service & Fulfill Your True Soul Role & Divine Destiny With Holy Ease & Galactic Grace!

Come Play In The Stars & Find Out How You Can Become A Galactic Healing Practitioner From The Comfort Of Your Own Home Anywhere In The World So You Can Heal Yourself, Your Loved Ones & All Of Humanity On Golden Gaias Emerald Earth!

Accelerated Dream Body Transformation Integration


This 6 Week course explores the nature of body shame and the way womb, birth & childhood trauma drives your everyday experience – often sabotaging your best intentions to live in a healthy & happy body. 

In this practical, magical & transformational healing program, I will help you identify, clear & resolve held energy & suppressed stress you have absorbed & stored as extra weight, excess energy, & body pain that slows you down, keeps you stuck & enslaves you in a body that doesn't serve you.

I'm excited to guide you, empower you & inspire you on a brand new 6 week transformational journey with simple & effective tools, processes, exercises & techniques to finally thrive in your dream body easily & effortlessly as if by magic!

I transformed my body & I know you can too!

Accelerated Soul Vows Clearings Course


In this akashic records & soul vows clearing program, you will learn accelerated light quantum tools & inter-dimensional cosmic codes to R.I.C.H. (Release, Integrate, Clear & Harmonize) ancestral, past life & childhood vows you made in this lifetime.


This easy to use 3-step accelerated light process will help you to identify, clear old vows & re-create new vows that truly serve your highest good & greatest growth to co-create & re-birth the new earth.


In this 5-week sacred soul journey you will learn how to:

  • Connect With Your Spirit Guides & Soul Councils To Re-Write Ancient Vows
  • Meet The Karmic Board, Ascended Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones
  • Work with the Karmic Clearing Angels For Karmic Resolution
  • Easily & Identify Your Vows & Your Family/Ancestors Vows
  • Return the vows that never belonged to you
  • Clear unconscious patterns, habits & automatic programs from the past
  • Release & Resolve unresolved emotions stored in your chakras & meridians
  • Consciously create new vows, promises & agreements in the eternal now
  • Experience what it would look like & feel like to be happy, at peace & free
  • Express your authentic soul gifts in a whole new way with ease & grace

You will learn how to R.I.C.H. (Release, Integrate, Clear, Harmonize) & (R.A.C.E. Create) (Receive, Align, Create, Expand) infinite possibilities & potentialities to 

Re-Set your entire new reality to one of joy, ease & grace.

The greatest gift of this sacred soul healing journey is that you can clear old world corruption codes with new world resurrection codes to re-parent & re-birth your inner child.

These solar source codes emanate from the nameless ones in the central sun & return your magic & medicine on your ascension path of 5D reality.

The accelerated light photonic light codes will allow you to embody flow, fluidity & adaptability to masterfully create:

  • Infinite Abundance
  • Infinite Blessings
  • Infinite Connection
  • Infinite Wealth
  • Infinite Peace
  • Infinite Love

Each class contains accelerated light akashic attunements from the akashic karmic board, ascended masters, your teachers & enlightened ancestors.

Receive empowerment clearings, code creations & re-patterning re-sets to re-write your soul destiny in sacred space with ease & grace.

Let go of old stories & become the author of your dream life!

A PDF of the step by step easy instructions are enclosed.

Accelerated Akashic Light Advisor Class


Learn How To Access The Akashic Soul Records To Heal, Transform & Re-Set Your Reality With Accelerated Akashic Light! 


We all have the natural ability to connect to the unlimited resources, divine guidance & akashic healing to vibrationally support us on our highest soul path.

You can review & amend your book of life & sacred soul map to break free of past patterns, programs, ancestral & soul trauma from past lives & parallel timelines to consciously create infinite ease & grace as your natural birthright on your 5D soul ascension timeline!

This infinite knowledge has the power to transform our lives when we connect to our Akashic Families through the heart of the Akashic Records where all the answers, intelligence & creative solutions are always available.

If You're Interested In Empowering & Enhancing Your Intuitive Gifts To Shift Into A Greater Version Of You To Heal Yourself, Others & Our Beloved Earth, Then Please Join Me!

The Akashic Records Contain Our Soul Truth, Mastery & Divine Essence. It's a Cosmic Library Of Quantum Information Where We Can Gain Profound Understanding, Insights & Clarity.

Our Akashic Records Soul Gifts & Life Purpose Are & Can Answer The Questions To The Mysteries Of Life We've Been Told We Might Never Know!

In this 5-part course, you will learn how to intuitively 'read' the Akashic Records to uncover how the Soul shapes its human experience.

This accelerated 5-part program is designed for all levels of spiritual practitioners, seekers, and light workers from beginners to advanced.

Learning This New Skill will Allow You to:

Learn how to open & view your own & your clients Akashic Records.

  • Gain access to higher dimensional creative solutions, quantum information, & light intelligence in the akashic realms
  • Help others understand their Divine nature and Soul Purpose.
  • Add another tool to your existing toolbox of healing modalities.
  • Trust your intuitive gifts & dormant dna potential as a reader, guide, & mentor
  • Harmonize your relationship with Spirit as you experience your own inner transformation through this work
  • Clear negative blocks & soul trauma in your chakras & soul records
  • Practice the tools of divine alchemy to create amazing shifts in your life and the lives of others
  • Transform lives & be of service as we reunite our light as one


Most importantly, you will learn to relax & have fun trusting your intuition & touching the hearts & souls of others with your unique insights, wisdom, & compassion.

An Akashic Reader Certificate Will Be Issued To Graduates Who Have Successfully Completed This 5-Part Program 

Divine Healing Intervention Practioner Training Program


Welcome To A Life Changing Divine Healing & Miraculous Intervention Journey!

Your Divine Doctors, Spirit Surgeons & Medical Assistants Are Assigned To Your Soul Through Each Incarnation & Are Available 24/7.

This Divine Healing Intervention Practitioner Training Program Introduces You To Your Angelics, Celestials & Medicals Of Nameless Light That Know You, Love You & Treat You With A Divine Dose Of Elixirs From The Stars, Plant Medicine & Crystalline Light Codes Of Perfect Health, Eternal Youth & Immortality.

In Each Class, You Will Receive Galactic Guidance & Ancient Wisdom On How You Can Start To Feel Better & Recover Faster From:

• Physical Pain

• Emotional Imbalances

• Spiritual Separation From Source

• Mental Overwhelm

• Past Life & Ancestral Karma

This Divine Healing Intervention Practitioner Training Program Gives You All The Quantum Tools, Insights & Multi-Dimensional Awarenesses To Trust Your Higher Mind & Higher Heart's Intuitive Guidance System.

Includes a total of 6 MP3s, 5 PDFs & Comes With A Certificate of Completion, Over 11 Hours Of Instruction

Psychic Development 101 Class


This course is created for you… the brilliant knower, seer and divine creator who actually knows everything before it happens!

Everyone has the gift of intuition!

Are you listening to the signs and the signals?

I’m super excited to explore the 6 psychic senses, what they are and how to identify and develop your strongest clair sense to create a magical life even greater than you ever imagined.

The 6 Clairs are all of our psychic senses and abilities we come into this reality with that most of us either hide from, are scared of or have made the choice to actually step into and expand.

Each one of us has a special gift that we seem to be the most 'Clear'. It’s our unique perception of how we receive information and messages in our bodies awareness. 

And everyone is different and that’s ok. It could be the way that we just know the outcome of an event 'before' it happens.

Sometimes our telepathic abilities are shown to us in prophetic dreams and on other occasions, we might even hear faint whispers of spirit guiding us in the right direction. Many of us just feel others thoughts, feelings or emotions in our physical bodies especially in our 'gut'.

Your amazing superhuman gifts are needed on this planet and have been shown to even save lives.

Are you willing claim, own, honor and acknowledge all of your clairs no matter how they show up without judging or doubting your unexplainable divine guidance?

The list of 'Clair' senses are greater than we’ve been told.

Which 'Clair' feels most like you?

Clairvoyance – means clear seeing
Clairaudience – means clear hearing
Clairsentinece – means clear feeling
Clairalience – means clear smelling
Clairgustance – means clear tasting
Claircognizance – means clear knowing

I’ll be helping you to release doubts, fears, and blocks around trusting and following your intuition by RICHING (clearing) them out of existence so you can RACE (create) move forward in quantum speed to reset your entire reality as if by magic!

This 6-class workshop is open to everyone regardless of your level of psychic awareness.

Come play and take yourself makes it easier to fly!

Activate Your Intuition!!! 

Divine Intervention Body Healing Attunement


Lean back, lie down & receive a celestial light attunement to awaken & activate your bodies wisdom to heal itself with ease & grace!

Receive divine DNA updates from spirit doctors, cosmic surgeons & the 5D dream team to experience miraculous multi-dimensional healing for your mind, body, spirit & soul.

Each healing recording contains codes accelerated light codes to energetically shift & vibrationally uplift you to your original state of health, wholeness & well-being.

Listen to each healing track to dissolve ancient & ancestral cellular trauma to empower, inspire & support you to share your gifts, be of service & thrive on the new earth.

Take a different soul journey every day, once a week or as often as needed to boost your energy, align with source & embody 100% pure light!

Each healing track connects you with your highest, healed self, I AM Presence & true self in all life streams, timelines, galaxies & realities that holds the key to unlock the door to your birthright of perfect health & well-being.

The more you listen, your dream team & medical magics can help you receive the antidotes, elixirs & remedies to feel better & heal faster than ever before.

Enjoy these ascension vibrations to experience benevolent blessings & feel better fast!

You Deserve This!

Please note: You may program each MP3 to continuously play on a loop while you sleep or turn off the volume & play each track for accelerated healing benefits.

Included in this MP3 bundle:

  • Upper/Lower Back Pain Healing
  • Abdominal Pain Healing
  • Heart Walls Healing
  • Throat/Lungs Clearing/Healing
  • Limbic Brain Clearing
  • Shoulder/Neck Pain Healing
  • Foot/Ankle Pain Healing
  • Knee/Elbow/Wrist Joint Pain Healing
  • Teeth/Gum Pain Energetic Extraction Healing