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Magdalene Flame Ascension Activation

If you often see the numbers 12-12, this may be a sign that you are being called upon to assist to re-birth the new earth as a divine human & ascension avatar.

You are here to share your gifts, speak your truth & be of service in this age of unity & community during the month of MARYS & your immaculate conception.

To grow out of divine infancy into divine grace, join Vandana to receive & embody the Feminine Flame Of Mary Magdalene.

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Soul Star Chakra Activation

Learn how to tap into the wisdom of your soul star chakra to divinely awaken to the secrets of soul mastery & divine destiny!!!

Awaken & Activate the seat of your soul to discover your soul purpose, divine alchemy & multi-dimensional mastery as an embodied eternal sovereign soul.

This Soul Star Chakra Upgrade Allows You To Access Divine Wisdom Stored In The Seat Of Your Very Own Soul.

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Archangel Muriel Attunement For Psychics, Empaths & Sensitive Souls

Meet the patron angel of empaths to awaken to the state of ease, space & grace!

If you are an empath, you feel deeply & may feel over worked or over-whelmed by others energies that drain & deplete you.

If you work with or pray to Angels, Archangel Muriel is your soul guardian that over-lights you to re-claim your energy, re-charge your light & clear energies you've absorbed & stored as a psychic empath.

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Ganesha Protection Activation

Awaken & Activate Your Thousand Petaled Lotus Chakra To Merge With Ganesha Consciousness & Meet Your Divine Self!

Ganesha is a Hindu deity with his large elephant head and pot-bellied human body who is known to remove obstacles and attract success in all you are & all you do in the world.

As 2018 comes to a close, it is wise to Dance with Ganesha to shift & uplift your vibration to joyful ease & abundance mastery on your ascension timeline.

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Azeztulite Nameless Light Ascension Activation

Vibrate With The Source Of Cosmic Creation & Instant Manifestation!

Rise Above Old Earth Density To Re-Birth New Earth Luminosity!

Transmute Negative Energies, Astral Entities & Lower Frequencies Into Multi-Dimensional Mastery, Soul Sovereignty & Divine Alchemy!

Move out of ordinary reality into non-ordinary reality to meet your higher self, I AM Presence & Your Enlightened Ancestors From Planet Azez.

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Goddess Green Tara Protection Activation

Receive Benevolent Blessings, Courageous Compassion & Powerful Protection From Green Tara In The Jade Healing Temple Of Love In Action!

In Tibetan Buddhism, Tara is known as a Bodhisattva of compassion in action!

Green Tara Is The Female Form Of Mothers Grace & The Color Of Prosperity & Vitality!

Come Experience What It Feels Like To Be Held & Embraced In The Arms Of The 'Mother of all the Buddhas.'

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Divine Healing Intervention Practitioner Training Program

Welcome To A Life Changing Divine Healing & Miraculous Intervention Journey!

Your Divine Doctors, Spirit Surgeons & Medical Assistants Are Assigned To Your Soul Through Each Incarnation & Are Available 24/7.

This Divine Healing Intervention Practitioner Training Program Introduces You To Your Angelics, Celestials & Medicals Of Nameless Light That Know You, Love You & Treat You With A Divine Dose Of Elixirs From The Stars, Plant Medicine & Crystalline Light Codes Of Perfect Health, Eternal Youth & Immortality.

In Each Class, You Will Receive Galactic Guidance & Ancient Wisdom On How You Can Start To Feel Better & Recover Faster From:

  • Physical Pain
  • Emotional Imbalances
  • Spiritual Separation From Source
  • Mental Overwhelm
  • Past Life & Ancestral Karma

This Divine Healing Intervention Practitioner Training Program Gives You All The Quantum Tools, Insights & Multi-Dimensional Awarenesses To Trust Your Higher Mind & Higher Heart's Intuitive Guidance System.

Includes a total of 6 MP3s, 5 PDFs & Comes With A Certificate of Completion., over 11 hours

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