Angelic Channeled Messages


I receive and share intuitive messages from my star guides and crystal being guardian angels to clear your confusion and reveal your soul calling. I show you how to share your unique gifts and special abilities to manifest your highest and truest potential.

Quantum information will be accessed through reading my crystal ball, water scrying and dousing techniques. You may also send a photo of someone you have questions about for more information.

I will channel your unique soul gifts as well as assign you to a particular angel or archangel for healing and protection.

Angelic Channeled Messages

Sessions are held via Phone, Skype or Zoom or if you are in the area, meet me in NYC.

30-minute Angelic Channeled Messages ~ $135


60-minute/1-hour Angelic Channeled Messages ~ $185


Mini Angelic Channeled Messages ~ By Email


Experience a reading to gain clarity, guidance and direction on your soul path.

My intuitive readings include channeled messages from Angels, Archangels, Guides and Guardians, crystal ball gazing and water scrying. I can read the energy of sacred objects or photographs as well.

If you feel stuck or at a crossroads in your life, allow me to see through the veil of illusion and reveal higher dimensional information, multi-dimensional messages and Divine downloads from beyond.

$35 per Question Mini Angelic Channeled Messages


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