Accelerated Light Healing

Accelerated Light Healing is here to help you align with your self-mastery and inter-dimensional abilities, truth and authenticity.

 I am here to help you clear your path of all distractions, illusions and limitations so you can truly shine your light and be the lamp lighters for others.

Many of you may have been feeling alienated, isolated or overwhelmed because the old ways of being here are simply not working anymore which may cause many of us to feel like we’re existing between worlds.


In order to clear your path and assist you on your journey back to self-love, self-mastery and self-acceptance, the light within you must increase exponentially. 

To reflect our interdimensional selves and expand our light even further, I've channeled a new system known as “Accelerated Light Healing” to heal and transform you from the inside out. This system feels even more gentle, loving, powerful and blissful as you connect with your interdimensional soul selves to access all of you again.

Never give up on your gifts, your value and what makes you truly YOU!

  Now is the time to expand and accelerate your light even bigger, wider, and more consciously than ever!

Accelerated Light Healing Session


Lie back and receive a liquid light transmission, healing activation and heart opening attunement under the loving guidance of Benevolent Beings, Guides and Angels that I embody. Choose this transformational healing session to raise your vibration, expand your consciousness and reset your entire reality. 

Learn how to empower your natural gifts and inspire the entire world with your higher dimensional light frequency.

Sessions are held via Phone or Skype or if you are in the area, meet me in NYC. 

60-minute Accelerated Light Healing Session for $250


3-Session Accelerated Light Healing Package for $650 (You Save $100)


6-Session Accelerated Light Healing Package for $1200 (You Save $200)


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